The progression of PacBio-only de novo assembly of genomes over time as well as the performance across those genomes.
As can be seen, the quality of the genomes is unmatched by any other method including reference assisted assemblies.
PacBio Sequencing Services
  De novo genome sequencing and assembly services (microbial, plant and animal genomes)
  Human genome sequencing for "medical grade" genome sequence
  Base Modification (Epigenetics) Sequencing and analysis (Unique Feature from PacBio!)
  Iso-Seq - Uncover novel genes and gene isoforms by sequencing full-length mRNA transcripts with no assembly needed.
  Pathogen sequencing and identification by sequencing
  Amplicon / Targeted sequencing
  Metagenomics Sequencing – Improve taxonomic resolution with Full Length 16S Sequencing
Illumina Sequencing Service
  Whole Genome Sequencing
  mRNA Sequencing (Whole Exome Sequencing / Whole Transcriptome Sequencing)
  Small RNA Sequencing
  Chip Sequencing
  Sure select methyl-sequencing
  Methylated DNA enrichment ( MBD )
  Nextera Mate Pair Library Prep
Bioinformatics Services
  De novo genome assembly
  Genome re-sequencing and analysis
  Base Modification analysis
  Whole Length Transcript analysis
  Metagenome Analysis
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